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Who needs sleep?

Who needs sleep? Well, in this case, everyone does. Resting is vitally important to our bodies as nutrition and exercise is. True healing comes when you are in your deepest cycle of REM. My client pictured here, has suffered from insomnia for months and has also dealt with brain fog following a bout with COVID. She was at a breaking point. She has tried a lot of things to combat this, including taking melatonin. It did not help, and in fact, made matters worse. If you ever feel like your brain just cannot shut down at night, it can be due heavily to………”OVERACTIVE” accupuncture points! These points can keep you up at night during certain times specifically. In this case, her lungs and liver were heavily overactive. It took us about a minute to treat these points(no needles needed) and then I also used a cranial structural technique to pump out the brain fog from her head. Emotional stress can also contribute to our sleepless nights as well so we also worked to clear certain emotional stressors out of her system. Then, and only then were we able to give a nice deep tissue massage. You can have your cake here and eat it too! After several weeks, I continue to check on her, and voila!! Sleep is so much better and brain fog has basically disappeared, just after 1 treatment!! Treating insomnia and stress doesn't have to be hard, sometimes it could be as easy as treating two points on the body as opposed to weeks and weeks or even months of dieting, exercising, and taking pills. Here at BA Massage Therapy, we take a different approach to help you get the sleep you need. If I just continue to massage her body, it will do no good for her if she cannot get any rest. If you or someone you know are suffering from sleepless nights and emotional symptoms, please give us a call at (918)451-2445 to schedule an appointment.

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