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TMJ Disorder cleared in 15 Min

One of my favorite people at my workplace was grappling with TMJ disorder, a condition that had taken a significant toll on her overall well-being. The severity of her disorder had reached a point where she could scarcely bring her back teeth together, making it nearly impossible to enjoy even the softest of foods. While these disorders can stem from a variety of factors, it became evident that emotional stress and a lack of rest were primary culprits in her case.

As I embarked on her treatment journey, I couldn't help but notice how several surrounding muscles in her neck and shoulders were compensating for the tightness in her TMJ. Astonishingly, within just 15 minutes of our therapeutic sessions, she experienced a remarkable transformation in the tone of her jaw muscles, and the excruciating pain she had been enduring for so long dissipated almost instantly.

In a subsequent video, I asked her to clench her teeth and chew on a mint, revealing the profound impact our treatments had on her. It was a touching moment to witness how much of a positive change she had undergone. It's crucial to recognize that emotional stress not only affects our muscles but can also have a far-reaching impact on our internal organs. Therefore, it cannot be overstated how crucial it is to address these dysfunctions promptly, as they have a tendency to manifest themselves in physical manifestations sooner rather than later.

In conclusion, providing relief for TMJ disorders is not just about improving physical comfort; it's about enhancing overall well-being and preventing the long-term effects of emotional stress.

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