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Sudden Back Pain Gone!

One of my clients came in with severe numbness and pain in her hip, glute area. The onset of pain came suddenly and went down her legs from her L5-S1 area. This lasted for 6 weeks before she saw me. Doctors and PT's told her it was possibly signs of sciatica but true sciatic pain can only be felt in the calves and not in the hamstrings. The issue with my client in this case was trauma to the hip/glute area that caused severe tightness to her piriformis and lower back area to the point where tying her shoes and just standing up were very painful and difficult to do. Tight muscles, in this case, choked her nerves to the point of causing pain and hypoxia to the area. Treatment included resetting tight muscles and correcting structure. After only 10 minutes of treating her, her symptoms almost completely went away. She was able to bend down and tie her shoes no problem and about a month later when she came to see me again, the symptoms had gone away completely. Structure, gait, and posture have improved dramatically, after just one session. I’m very happy for her. This can happen to anyone. Please give me a call if you or someone you know have suffered these symptoms. I’ve seen and have helped people with these types of issues. Once the muscles go back to normal function, they will allow the blood supply and nerves to be free flowing. No longer in pain, she now enjoys my deep tissue massages and can be completely relaxed. These can be very easy fixes and they can also be hard but the most important thing is to try everything you can to live a pain free life. Thankful for my client for allowing me to share her story.

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