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Structure, Stability, and Strength

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

For any athlete, these 3 S's are some of the most important elements to their success. First, we must look at the structure of the athlete and see if there's a solid foundation to their form. We do this by checking for uneven hips, leg length and verifying solid muscle testing in different positions and movements. When it is verified that they are not foundationally sound, we make a single correction by applying the core distortion release. This release, believe it or not, will only need to be applied one time your whole life and we can see immediately the dramatic changes that take place after this correction is applied. With the structure in place, we look at the stability. Stabilization is very important for balance and speed. This also improves dramatically after the core distortion is released and many other dysfunctions are released in the body using P-DTR techniques. When these two techniques are used and combined with deep fascial massage, they provide immediate strength and oxygenated support to the muscles that were once inhibited. When all of these things are in place, it allows the athlete to compete at the highest level. Mentally, they don't have to think about injuries or issues concerning their performance as much anymore. Recently, I had a chance to work Trey Lippe-Morrison. He is the son of famed boxer Tommy Morrison, who btw, was able to beat George Foreman for the heavyweight championship. We worked to ensure Trey will have a successful boxing career by releasing tension in his hips and reset his past injuries. Trey has a professional boxing career of 18-0 with 17 KO's and 1 UD.

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