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Rubber Bands Will Only Stretch So Far

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

You ever stretch a rubber band so far that it snaps? Our muscles and our mental stress will do the same to us. Little things done over time without proper body care or emotional support will eventually break us. Case Study: One of my good friends and small group buddy was in pain. He literally couldn’t bend down at all when he came in. All this unbearable pain was from……..bending over and folding a towel! He is such an athletic and strong person, there's no way an activity like this would break him?! Unfortunately it did because the tendons, ligaments, and muscles were so tight already that his body eventually said "enough!" If you've gone through anything simple but brought on a lot of pain, you might be in the same boat. I've seen women get a bad crick in their neck from blow drying their hair and also throw their backs out from picking up their little babies. I do have some very good news for you. With some new pain management techniques, within 15 min, my good friend was able to bend over and touch his toes and he was literally hopping around like Spider-Man. He is probably one of the fastest and most athletic guys I’ve seen but there is no way his body can make the same cuts and breaks with the kind of pain he was in. And the crazy part about this whole thing: I didn’t even massage him. With a few things I learned from P-DTR, I was able to reset some things in his central nervous system and voila, he is brand new! A few weeks later, he is still in great shape, as if nothing happened. You literally don’t have to live with back pain. Your best life could literally be 15 min away.

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