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Athletes need love too!!

When I met Andrew, I didn't think that such a strong and athletic kid would need a lot of help. I was wrong. Andrew plays and starts at Center for the University of Oklahoma. He has played football most of his life and was the consensus #1 high school guard in the country. To get to this point, he had to practice, fight, and work so hard to get to where he is and that is why his body needed so much work. As an offensive linemen, most of the dirty work is done in the trenches. Knees, ankles, and body shots are very common when you play on the line. A lot of injuries over the years can inhibit muscles in the body, which was the case when he came to see me. These compensations continue to get worse as the body and brain adjusts to chronic and current traumas. We cleared so much trauma and injuries out of Andrew's body that he felt it was a dream again to feel so good. His mobility and muscle function came alive and strengthened almost immediately. The unbelievable part is: these corrections lasted a very long time for him. Some things he thought he had to live with were gone within a session or two. He and I were both very satisfied with the work and hopefully this will translate to the field. I'd hate to be the guy that has to line up against this behemoth.

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