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A Fighter's Journey to Recovery

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Introduction: In the world of combat sports, athletes constantly face physical and mental challenges in their pursuit of excellence. One remarkable story that embodies resilience and triumph revolves around Matt Dixon, known as "Magic Matt Dixon," the reigning XFN welterweight champion. Recently, Matt experienced concussion-like symptoms that threatened to jeopardize his career. Through a combination of SET therapy, Injury Recall, and unwavering determination, Matt not only overcame his symptoms but also went on to achieve victory in his most recent match on April 14, 2023. He was able to knock out his opponent in less than 10 seconds in the first round. The Fighter's Struggle: Matt Dixon, a celebrated name in the fighting community, had encountered numerous battles in his career. However, the impact of a recent match left him grappling with concussion-like symptoms, casting a shadow of doubt over his future in the sport he loved. Determined to reclaim his championship status, Matt sought out specialized care to address his symptoms and return to peak performance. Employing a combination of innovative therapies, including SET therapy and Injury Recall, we embarked on a journey toward his recovery. The goal was not only to alleviate his symptoms but also to help him regain his mental and physical strength, enabling him to step back into the ring with confidence. One of the key techniques utilized during Matt's therapy was SET therapy, or Structural Energetic Therapy. This approach harnesses the power of a technique called "frontal/occipital decompression" to pump out whatever inflammation is left from head injuries and facilitate the healing process even faster. We worked together to reprogram negative thought patterns, reduce anxiety, and reset primitive reflexes. To further expedite Matt's healing process, we incorporated Injury Recall therapy. This innovative technique involves revisiting the traumatic event or injury in a controlled environment, allowing the mind to process and release any associated emotional and physical pain. By revisiting his concussion incident under guided therapeutic conditions, Matt was able to reframe his experience and release any lingering trauma or negative associations. Our collaborative efforts focused not only on addressing his immediate symptoms but also on enhancing his overall well-being and resilience. Matt's remarkable journey from battling concussion-like symptoms to reclaiming his championship title is a testament to the indomitable spirit of athletes and the potential of innovative therapeutic approaches. Through the utilization of SET therapy and Injury Recall, we were able to address both the physical and mental aspects of Matt's recovery, unlocking his true potential and guiding him to victory. Matt's story serves as an inspiration for fighters and individuals facing adversity, highlighting the importance of seeking specialized care, adopting a holistic approach, and never losing sight of one's dreams and aspirations.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Consultation with a qualified healthcare professional is recommended for any specific medical concerns or conditions.

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