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Broken Arrow Massage Therapy

A Unique Approach

Neck Massage


Mano Vang is regarded as one of the best massage therapist in Broken Arrow. His unique and unconventional techniques not only gets rid of pain but can also improve your quality of life. Mano has had exceptional training from some of the top therapists and applied kinesiologists in the world. He has been doing massage for over 16 years.

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Here is why you should choose me as your massage therapist: 

  1. Extensive Training at a Premier Massage Therapy School: I have undergone rigorous training at one of the country's leading schools for massage therapy. This comprehensive education equips me with a solid foundation in the field, ensuring that you receive professional and effective treatment.

  2. Expertise in Unconventional Modalities: In addition to traditional massage techniques, I have pursued education in various unconventional modalities. As the only SET and P-DTR approved practitioner in Oklahoma, I possess specialized knowledge that allows me to address complex neuromuscular issues with precision and effectiveness.

  3. Exceptional Ability to Identify and Address Underlying Chronic and Structural Issues: With my expertise, I possess a remarkable ability to identify and target underlying chronic and structural issues. Through a meticulous assessment process, I can uncover the root causes of your discomfort and eliminate them completely. This ensures long-lasting relief and promotes overall wellness.

  4. Innovative Approach to Complicated Neuromuscular Issues: When faced with intricate neuromuscular challenges, I think outside the box to provide innovative solutions. My dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field allows me to apply cutting-edge techniques and deliver tailored treatments for even the most complex cases.

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Areas of expertise

Mano's areas of expertise are trigger point massage, structural bodywork, deep tissue massage, and resetting dysfunctional pathologies. He has a knowledge of medical massage that goes beyond the regular realms of massage therapy. Having worked closely with a chiropractor and studying neurological dysfunctions from an orthopedic surgeon, Mano has extensive experience relieving headaches, injuries, tension, high blood pressure, and back pain. And just recently, Mano has become the only massage therapist in Oklahoma to be Certified in Structural Energetic Therapy, which he can also incorporate into your treatment.
Of course you don't have to be in pain to benefit from Mano's services. Mano combines different massage therapy techniques into a personally designed relaxation massage designed to melt your stress away.

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A Personal Note from Mano Vang, One of the Best Massage Therapists In Broken Arrow

I love seeing the positive impact I make on people dealing with daily stress and chronic pain. Many don't realize that quick solutions are within reach. Pain and stress can make life feel hard, but I'm dedicated to tackling the root causes of your discomfort even before starting the massage.

I focus on understanding what’s causing your pain and stress to provide effective treatment. By learning about your unique concerns, I can create a personalized massage experience using different techniques. This approach ensures that the massage is tailored to relieve your stress or pain. My clients find this combination very helpful, allowing them to relax and enjoy a deep tissue massage.

One of my biggest strengths is my knowledge of injuries and knowing when to refer you to a healthcare professional. This ensures you get the right care on your healing journey.

As your massage therapist, it’s my honor to provide relief, relaxation, and a path to better wellness. I invite you to experience the benefits my skills and dedication can bring to your life. Together, we can beat pain, overcome stress, and start a journey to renewed vitality.

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